Top cool Whatsapp Quotes Status

Top cool Whatsapp Quotes Status

Top cool Whatsapp Quotes status are going to be presented in this blog.

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 Top Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes 

Cool Whatsapp Status

  1. Villians are not bad, they are just real and true.             (Cool Attitude WhatsApp status)
  2. I know my worth. I'm priceless.
  3. If it's destroying you it's not love , believe me it's not.
  4. It broke my heart but opened my eyes.
  5. People ask me "Are you Single?" and I simply answer "No I'm in a relationship with my latest attitude."         (Short Status for Whatsapp)
  6. You might know me, but you don't know the past that lies behind me.
  7. Babe think before ignoring me. I'm good at leaving.
  8. PUBG is the second most played game in the world. Relationship is still at number one.
  9. I will try my best to never allow myself to love again.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  10. In the gym, some burn calories and some burn memories.          (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  11. Two important days in life. When we are born and when we realize why we are born.  
  12. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
  13. I'm sad but I smile. That's my life.
  14. Smoking kills but trusting people kills you more.
  15. If you're loving someone who doesn't loves you back then it means you are waiting for a ship at airport.           (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  16. Yes I am changed. Pain does that to the people.
  17. Never let your enemies to know about your moves.
  18. Too many people, too many shades. All I have learned is not to trust again.
  19. I have multiple personalities. So don't dare to think you know me completely.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  20. Your ideas make you unique, don't let their opinions make you a random someone. 
  21. Every time I look at my parents, I see the millions of reasons that I need to be successful.        (WhatsApp status quotes)
  22. Everybody wants a piece now, You all can rest in peace now. You're dead to me so peace out.
  23. Achievement is manufactured by Hardwork.
  24. You want to change your life ? Change the way you think.
  25. Die with respect don't let your respect die.               (Cool Attitude WhatsApp status)
  26. I believe in one thing that is "Money is everything".
  27. Never open your wallet to prove your love.
  28. There is only one way to be happy."Never fail in love" oops sorry "Never fall in love".
  29. If you need to get motivated, go look at your bank account !
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  30. The past has passed. Let it go.            (Cool Attitude WhatsApp status)
  31. Take your time, Recharge yourself and Comeback stronger.       
  32. I believe in myself and not in your opinions.
  33. Don't listen what people say. Watch what they do.
  34. You have to be a beast. That's the only way they'll respect you.
  35. When you left I found someone better and its myself.    (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  36. Maybe your "I love you" was Made in China.
  37. Hating people takes too much energy. It's better to just pretend that they're dead.
  38. Set goals, stay quiet, smash then, clap for your damn self.
  39. Bro focus on your carrier, Love is scam.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  40. Expect nothing but be prepared for everything.                (Cool Whatsapp Status)
  41. Beautiful faces are common. Beautiful minds are hard to find.            
  42. When people say I don't want to be like you....I just smile and reply ,"Chill, You never will".
  43. Trust me I am watching everyone and just waiting for the payback time.
  44. I send love and receive pain.
  45. If you are going to speak bad things about me behind my back, then come to me I'll tell you more.                 (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  46. Don't be proud of you skin color. We all are same when light goes off.
  47. I don't hate you but I am done investing time in you.
  48. The past is over forget it. The future holds for hope reach it.
  49. Love stories are not My cup of Tea. I'm born to make history.           (Cool Attitude WhatsApp status)
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  50. In jungle - I am lion. In water- I am shark. I don't care about haters because they always bark.     
  51. I'm really bad at words, I hope you are good at reading eyes.           
  52. I'm not Anti-Social, I'm selectively social.
  53. We're all bad in someone's story.
  54. Love me or hate me I'm gonna still shine bro.
  55. If only I could choose who I want to love, I will definitely choose myself.          (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  56. Everybody changed now its my turn.
  57. If I smile at you, it means you are in danger. Be prepared.
  58. You don't like me ? Than hate me, problem solved.
  59. Sometimes it is not the people who change. Its the mask that falls off
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  60. The days that make you are the days that make you.                   
  61. Dear Bad luck, let's breakup !     (Short Cool WhatsApp status)
  62. If people don't like me, I don't care because I am not born to entertain everyone.
  63. Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.
  64. Success is far more important than love.
  65. I don't need a weapon because I am the one.       (WhatsApp status quotes)
  66. I will dedicate only Two Words and One finger to you.
  67. People asked 'Why you are single? ", I replied, "I have a brain".
  68. Baby you are like a coin. Not because you are valuable but because you are Two Faced.
  69. I've lost many friends in life just because I stopped texting them first.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  70. People cry not because they are weak, it's because they've strong for too long.         (Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes)
  71. I am a king with or without you.          
  72. Love all , trust few. Everything is real but not Everyone is true.
  73. Oh honey, I don't chase, I replace.
  74. You can't change How People Think about You. Just live your life and Be Happy.
  75. Hate me or date me, I don't bother in both cases.         (Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes)
  76. If you want to grow then you need to let some people go.
  77. Learn from everyone but follow no one.
  78. I am not that kind of person who is always busy in impressing new one and forgetting the old ones.
  79. Be someone's teddy or be a beast.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  80. I'm a private person. You don't ask and I don't tell.     (Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes)
  81. Chasing your dreams is always better than chasing people.                  
  82. You get what you deserve.
  83. People will rate you, hate you, break you but how you stand is what makes you.
  84. Don't push me. The beast inside me is sleeping not dead.
  85. I would block you but then you won't be able to see all the fun things I do without you.         (Cool Quotes for Whatsapp Status)
  86. Stay positive in the negative situation and you win.
  87. I smile and act like nothing is wrong. It's called dealing with life and staying strong.
  88. Nothing makes you angry, you decide to use anger as a response.
  89. I might not be the best, but I am trying my best.
    Cool Whatsapp Status
  90. Choose your habits carefully, they decide your future.                   (Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes)
  91. Don't ever think that the reason I am peaceful is because I forget How to fight.       
  92. I let my haters be my motivators
  93. You can't demand respect. You will have to earn it.
  94. If you will never taste failure, you will never know how success tastes like.
  95. The secret of happiness is low expectations.                   (WhatsApp status quotes)
  96. I'm not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.
  97. Dreams don't come true. Goals do.
  98. Some people are like coin. Not because of value but because they are two faced.
  99. Love is real, Life is Strange. Nothing last, People Change.
  100. I prefer to spend my precious time on myself.                (cool status for whatsapp)

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